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Industry Specialities

Subject matter specialization counts for a lot when your source material is specialized unto itself. We take great pride in our SME (Subject Matter Expertise) in Government, Insurance, Legal, Medical, and Technology.

Our supplementary team is comprised of experts from many fields. We have provided some specific details on the fields of Government, Insurance, Legal, Medical, and Technology given that they are our core areas of SME.

Asides from our core competencies in government, insurance, legal, medical, and technology industries, ATP also specializes in the following areas of SME:

  • Advertising and Public Relations;
  • Agribusiness and Chemical;
  • Arts and Entertainment;
  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical;
  • Computer Software and Hardware;
  • Consumer and Industrial Electronics;
  • Data and Telecommunications;
  • Education and Training;
  • Import and Export;
  • Industrial/Commercial Machinery and Equipment;
  • Investments and Financial;
  • Multimedia and Internet;
  • Petrochemical and Energy; and
  • Transportation and Aerospace.

We work with thousands of certified and accredited linguistic experts in more than 200 language pairs. We are confident that we can provide the necessary ongoing support for your organization and any of your linguistic requirements to help you penetrate overseas markets and succeed in today’s global economy.

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