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Medical Language Services

Whether you are requesting a certified medical interpreter; reviewing a foreign patients medical records; providing an Independent Medical Exam (IME) to LEP (limited English proficiency) patients; translating pharmaceutical studies from another country; or translating a questionnaire in 25 languages; ATP provides accurate, confidential, and professional Medical Interpretation and Translation Services in more than 200 language pairs. Communication for the Medical industry is one of American Translation Partners core competencies.

Over the years, ATP has provided certified medical interpreter services for Hospital Systems, Independent Medical Examiners, Healthcare and Wellness Providers; Pharmaceutical Companies, and Medical Device Manufacturers. ATP is proficient in providing any language certified medical interpreter for the following list of professional Medical fields and proceedings:

  • Medical Interpreter for Routine Medical Care / Emergency Care
  • Pre and Post Operation Communications
  • Independent / Impartial Medical Examinations
  • Physical / Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mental Health Care
  • Field Visitations
  • Medical Conferences

American Translation Partners takes our responsibilities as a service provider in the Medical industry very seriously. Accuracy, Punctuality, Personalized Service, Impartiality, and Confidentiality of Interpreters & Translators are some of the key factors that make choosing American Translation Partners the right choice for your foreign language needs.

All ATP medical interpreters are screened and tested by the standards as outlined within the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs and administered by the Certification Commission For Healthcare Interpreters. Every Spanish certified medical interpreter, Arabic certified medical interpreter, and Mandarin certified medical interpreter is tested through the CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ (CHI™) examination, while certified medical interpreters for all other languages are certified through the Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ (CoreCHI™) examination. This initiative is part of our pledge to provide our clients with a best level of certified medical interpreters services available in the nation.

Certification Commission For Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) certified medical interpreters

CCHI operates a national, valid, credible, and vendor-neutral certification program for healthcare interpreters.

ATP is working diligently with CCHI to help provide funding for additional languages to be certified, improving testing perimeters, and spreading the word about the healthcare interpreter certification programs. Together, we offer the most advanced and meticulous screening process for interpreter competency and skills as well as a professional training program geared towards delivering outstanding quality assurance in the healthcare industry. Everyone – limited English proficient patients, doctors, nurses, healthcare organizations, language service providers, interpreters and the industry as a whole benefits greatly from having access to an organized pool of the nation’s first certified medical interpreters!

Medical Interpretation

A medical interpreter is legally required (in some states) during specific types of proceedings to assure that the Non-English speaking (limited English proficiency – LEP) party comprehends all communications. There are two types of medical interpreter modes – Consecutive and Simultaneous. Consecutive Interpretation is a repetition of the verbatim, inclusive of intonations and emphasis, immediately after the completion of a phrase or a couple sentences. Simultaneous Interpretation is also a verbatim repetition of all communications, but the transmission of the multilingual content is repeated concurrently, within a fraction of second after a segment of a sentence or phrase utilizing electronic equipment. ATP offers Simultaneous Conference Interpreters, equipment, qualified sound engineers managed by an interpreter coordinator for on-site or remote support in any location.

ATP’s Medical Interpreters are not only experts in the techniques of Interpreting for Medical proceedings; they are also aware of the cultural pitfalls of communicating in foreign languages about sensitive matters. All of ATP’s Medical Interpreters are screened and evaluated for their bilingual skills and their knowledge of the appropriate Medical terminology, as well as their practice and commitment to the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics & Conduct. Our network of Interpreters have collectively worked on hundreds of thousands of Medical proceedings in venues throughout North America and overseas. Moreover, through our international network of approximately 5,000 supplementary team members and affiliates, ATP is able to provide a medical interpreter in any location around the world.

Medical Translation

A combination of personalized attention and a meticulous review process, with several linguists for each document translation, insures that you receive accurate translations. Every document we translate is GUARANTEED against Errors & Omissions, and can be certified or notarized for acceptance by any court or government agency. Your designated project manager will evaluate your assignment or project, provide a free quotation and oversee the services for the optimal results.

American Translation Partners covers several areas of Medical Translation, including:

  • Medical Records / Reports
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Studies & Tests
  • Research of Foreign Medical Texts
  • Medical Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates

American Translation Partners utilizes experienced in-house translation staff and an international network of linguistic professionals. Translation teams consist of technical and creative individuals (bilingual doctors, pharmacists, scientists, scholars and members of the health care community) that work in unison to produce well-written translations. There are several members on any given Translation project, including: terminology researchers, certified and accredited native translators, typesetters, copy editors, proofreaders and project managers. ATP provides certified and notarized translations that are accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Medical Association (AMA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and many other internationally recognized organizations.

Medical Insurance and Confidentiality

ATP is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London Insurance for Errors and Omissions (E&O); and as for your concerns about confidentiality, we have a strict policy that each language specialist must sign and abide by the terms of our Non-Disclosure Agreement before working on any project.

Medical Rush Services

ATP can respond to the need for assistance with urgent matters and consequently offers Rush Services, Last Minute Requests for  amedical interpreter and 24-Hour Emergency Support. These services are available at additional percentages above standard rates, depending on the specific circumstances and what service is needed. We will do our best to accommodate your unique situation.

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