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LEO Arrest Commands

Please allow me to introduce to you ATP’s Multilingual Arrest Commands designed for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO). Current releases include Spanish and Portuguese Arrest Commands with online audio scripts for playback and for practicing. Please note this is functional via regular web browsers and mobile devices. Reporting back to us any problems you encounter will help improve future releases.

Arrest Commands:
Don’t move!
Drop the weapon!
Put your hands up!
Put your hands behind your back!
Sit down!
Stand up!
Lie face down on the ground!
Turn around!

Future languages will include:  Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Cape Verdean, Haitian Creole, Somali, & Vietnamese. If you have any other languages that are of concern for you, please let us know.

Keep in mind that this project was developed with the intent of assisting LEOs with the typical arrest scenarios involving Limited English Proficient (LEP) perpetrators.

These are the basic features of the Arrest Commands:

1) The first feature is the text translated into target language to show a LEP perpetrator.
2) The next feature is a phonetics rendition of the Arrest Command phrases for reading aloud to the perpetrator.
3) The third feature is a quick playback button of a typical Arrest Command in the target language.
4) The last feature is a training style playback mode of typical Arrest Commands in the target languages with time for the listener to repeat and practice along with a native speaker.

We hope this tool will be used by all levels of LEOs, from the ATF, IRS-CI, FBI, DEA, Secret Services, State Police and Municipalities. Rather than LEO’s waiting for an interpreter, these ten Arrest Commands facilitate what’s needed when it is needed. Our goal is to create a useful language tool – and if we are requested to provide the courts with our certified and reliable interpreters, translators and expert witnesses – all the better.

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