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Our worldwide network of certified and accredited interpreters combine superior language skills with a thorough knowledge of subject matter, protocols and cultures. Whether in a court of law, a medical facility, or at an international conference, ATP interpreters remain virtually transparent. Following strict codes of neutrality, our language team members impart speakers’ meaning and emphasis without embellishing the remarks or injecting personal opinions.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation allows two parties to converse – even if they speak different languages. Attorneys, claims adjusters and independent medical examiners often use this mode to communicate with foreign language speakers. Each party speaks at length, relaying a “paragraph” of ideas that is then interpreted for the other party. Consecutive interpreters develop and utilize their own ideogramic symbols for notes to retain the thoughts and ideas of the speaker.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The simultaneous mode of interpretation requires the combined skills of listening to and comprehending one language, while speaking another language at the very same time. Typically provided at international conferences and multilingual business meetings, simultaneous interpretations are transmitted electronically to a group of listeners and speakers just a few seconds after the words or phrases are spoken in the source language.

Escort Interpretation

Escort interpreters utilize a combination of the simultaneous and consecutive modes of interpretation to relay the speaker’s message. Escort interpretation does not require electronic equipment and is spoken directly to an individual listener. This mode is used primarily when one or two individuals in a group speak a different language from the rest, or during informal conversations. In addition, tourists and foreign delegates often engage escort interpreters for various types of excursions.

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