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Anywhere in the world, in any language, our network of translators offers reliable and accurate translations. A single goal guides every translation project: to preserve the tone and message of the source material. Following client specifications, American Translation Partners ensures that the final product will address the target audience’s language (or dialect) and reading level (targeted register).

Brand Name Analysis

The name may sound great in Peoria, but what effect will it have in Portugal? American Translation Partners can analyze your brand name to help predict its success in foreign markets. Our language consultants conduct a thorough survey of proposed brand names, evaluating qualities such as associations with particular images, confusion with similar sounding words, potentially negative connotations and the ease of pronunciation among your target customers.

Legal / Market / Cultural Analysis

Cross an international border and the business climate can change dramatically. Success depends on knowing the appropriate protocols, market conditions and legal precedents in each country where you operate. American Translation Partners offers consulting services that help you translate your success into foreign markets.

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